🌾Native Yield Abstraction

Space Wallet is the only wallet with native yield for native tokens and stablecoins

Targeting all EVM chains, starting with Ethereum, Base, BNB and Arbitrum. Expansion to Solana is also on the roadmap.

The default interest rate for crypto stored on other wallets is 0%. On Space Wallet, the rate varies 4-8% APY.

Space Wallet yield comes from staking and lending protocols, which are worth trust. We pre-selected them based on the following strict criteria.

  • High-security standards for staked crypto

  • Audits Completed

  • Stability of the Yield

The Automatic Yield is an invite-only feature. Please contact Space Wallet chat to request an invite

Funds are Always Available to Use

The process of yield is fully automated via Account Abstraction. Which gives the ability to automatically stake and unstake holdings to make money 100% time available for immediate use. The process is seamless enough to be hard to notice during the day-to-day operations with the Wallet.

As a result, holdings are always staked, earnings are compounded, and money work in passive mode.

Points-Graded Yield

The points accumulated in Space Wallet directly impact yield, and create future rewards (stay tuned for announcements). See more in Space Points

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